Moussy Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Sarai Mari


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Sarai Mari & Yukari Ota

There was a sophisticated elegance to the character of Andie portrayed by Molly Ringwald in John Hughes 1986 Pretty in Pink that reminds us of Moussy fall 2019 campaign.

The Japanese contemporary denim label retained photographer Sarai Mari and stylist Yukari Ota to lens redhead model Edwina Preston in a short film and series of stills running around lower Manhattan and lounging in her bedroom with her pair of cats. Overall the day very much feels like ‘Andie’s day off from the record store’ as Preston appears content with her alone time while admiring the roses at Grace Church or strolling the streets of New York. Mari tosses in cuts of Preston trying on cat-like glasses while facing a mirror or reading The New York Times in printed form. We also love the bit of a wink in the combination of cats with a brand named Moussy.

Overall it is nice to see that the spirit of Andie is alive and well and found her way to New York from Chicago sans Duckie. Perhaps with spring, the house will delve deeper into the Pretty in Pink character with more intent to offer a film that goes beyond being a simple character study to one of plot and story. Everyone loves a mouse that roars.

Moussy Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Sarai Mari

Creative Director | Yukari Ota
Photographer | Sarai Mari
Director/Editor | Kai Chen Kao
Model | Edwina Preston
Stylist | Yukari Ota
Hair | Tomo Jidai
Makeup | Sally Branka
Manicurist | Michina Koide
Photo Assistant | Danny Lim
Digi Tech | Charley Parden
Photo Intern | Myu Inoue
Producer | Junko Takaku
Cat models | Goma & Monchi
Location | Walker Hotel Greenwich Village, Grace Church NYC