Mr Porter x Prada How to Win at Bowling

Mr Porter x Prada | How to Win at Bowling

Mr Porter and Prada are going bowling for its new collaboration collection, which launched this week on Mr Porter.

The Mr Porter x Prada collection came to life at a mid 20th century bowling alley, according to Mr Porter Editorial Director Adam Welch, though he doesn’t mean this literally. Bowling clubs in the 1950s and 1960s inspire the capsule that is comprised of bowling shirts, striped polos and floral shirts, retro cardigans and graphic tees, tapered trousers, and mid century-inspired graphics on sweaters and outerwear.

Though the collection pulls references from the era when teens danced to the Beach Boys in diners, we can’t help but think of The Big Lebowski and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Mr Porter and Prada teased the collection, sharing a short film of a bowling ball rolling down a lane toward bowling pins, cutting to the Mr Porter x Prada neon sign, and followed up with a full how-to short film about bowling.

The film, which is set at the Prada Lanes bowling alley, gives instructions on how to become a better bowler. The star of the film follows the narrator explaining the winning strategy, PRADA, which stands for Presentation, Routine, Accessories, Diet and Application, and successfully bowls a strike. The fun film references 50s instructional videos that were parodied in short cartoons like ‘The Car of Tomorrow’ and ‘The House of Tomorrow’ by Tex Avery.

Mr Porter pulled out all of the stops to promote the collection, as it had for its past collaboration with Gucci. The collaboration collection is a unique marketing strategy that works for both entities and will surely be sought after by collectors.







Words | Adam Welch
Director | Jacopo Maria Cinti
Photographer | Christopher Ferguson
Stylist | Eilidh Greig