MSGM Spring 2019 Ad Campaign


Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

MSGM Creative Director Massimo Giorgetti has never been one to shy away from newness taking his Italian streetwear house to international notoriety in the time of a heartbeat by fashion standards because of his propensity for risk. So it should come as no surprise that the designer would be one of the first to commercially collaborate with New Zeeland born artist and film make, Sharna Osborne, to lens his latest Sprin 2019 ad campaign.

Osborne joined the party in collaboration with Creative Director and campaign Stylist, Katie Grand, who like Giorgetti, is known for taking risks.

Osborne has a unique vision as an artist, using video techniques that capture images in a grainy blur that are at the opposite end of the spectrum that the clarity of digital provides today. Upon first glance, the images can look perhaps too out of focus for fashion, providing vague details and celebrating a youthful mood over sophisticated elegance. The result is in many ways similar to the how the first Impressionist paintings must of been perceived after years or tight crisp hands.

Here the strategy pays off in no small part to model Mariacarla Boscono who will be joined by Mattia Liam, Kajus Valciukas, and Joshua Hillman in the forthcoming video. Boscono is open to contorting out of the frame and bending so as not to be the center of attention.

The campaign works as modern art with modern digital thinking. The only thing unclear is will it work in today’s crystal clear world.

MSGM Creative Director | Massimo Giorgetti
Creative Director/Stylist | Katie Grand
Photograph | Sharna Osborne
Models | Mariacarla Boscono, Mattia Liam, Kajus Valciukas, Joshua Hillman
Casting | Anita Bitton at Establishment

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