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MULBERRY continues to capture the spirit of Christmas in Part 2 of their 2016 Soap Opera Holiday Campaign


The saga continues and part two makes us aware of the importance of family during the holiday’s in the most moving and uplifting way possible. Christmas was definitely a lot easier and effortless when we were kids, which is the continuous message that Mulberry is trying to get across in their two-part Christmas film.

Mulberry’s festive film stands out to us with the childrens’ holiday spirit, laced with humor, sentiment, and a touch of magic. In part two, there’s dancing and laughing, giving us a more happy perspective than in part one. We watch a heartwarming moment where Rose gives her sister, Camilla her favorite Mulberry bag for Christmas, performing an act of generosity in the midst of the season of giving.

Wrapping up the mini soap opera series, Mulberry portrays their brand in a positive light putting people in the right mindset for the upcoming family reunion. We are reminded that it’s not only what’s inside the wrapping paper that counts, but the goodness inside of our hearts as well.

Agency | Rookery Production
Creative Director | Johnny Coca
Director/Art Director | Albert Moya
Writer | Hugo Guinness
Director of Photography | Yorick Le Saux
Actors | India Jazz, Beau Gadson, Darcey Brown Sutton, Catherine Williams Boyle, Stanley Shelton, Tommy Fletcher McMeekin
Musical Score | Au Revoir Simone
Sound Recordist | Felipe Pinhero
Production | Image Parternship
Costume Design | Bart Cariss
Set Design | David White
Location | West Horsley Place in Surrey