Tod's 'My Tod's Closet' Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


'My Tod's Closet' Summer 2020 Digital Ad Campaign

Tod’s celebrates the joy of crafting one’s wardrobe with a new digital campaign.

Titled “My Tod’s Closet,” the campaign seems to follow the recent trend of stripped-down digital campaigns which give a high level of creative agency to their talent. What sets this one apart is the centralized location and the higher production value. Tod’s invited an international group of young models and actresses to add a personal touch to the Tod’s wardrobe by combining their own style with their favorite pieces from the Summer 2020 campaign. The process is captured in a series of fun photographs and videos on the brand’s Instagram.

While the professional level photography and editing for the campaign is gorgeous, it also lends the project a sense that it is suffering from an identity crisis. What has made similar work-from-home inspired campaigns from brands like Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, and Gucci successful is their honesty and intimacy, the way we genuinely get to see a person interact with the clothing, their own wardrobe and space, and their life. Here, this intimacy and feeling of honest exploration is obscured by the spectacle and artifice of the production. It seems that the campaign is never entirely sure what kind of campaign it wants to be, and so it fails to capture the best parts of both. Nevertheless, it is still an eye-catching and fun way for a brand to stay in conversation with its fans.

Tod’s Creative Director | Walter Chiapponi
Talent | (listed in order of video appearances) Greta Ferro, Marica Pellegrinelli, Karolina Kurkova, Carolina Crescentini, Caro Daur, Annabelle Belmondo, Erika Boldrin, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Minyoung Park & Valeria Bilello