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Natalie Portman, as Miss Dior asks “What Would You Do For Love?”


Dior has yet to fail when it comes to producing passionate and strong work, especially when they have someone that plays that role so well like Natalie Portman.

By asking the question “What would you do for love?” in the return of “Miss Dior”, directed by Emmanuel Cossu, Portman shows just how passionate she is when it comes to love and how you have to be strong while maintaining your elegance.

Going along to Sia’s powerful voice in “Chandelier,” Natalie asks her lover in the film to prove that he loves her, because his words are simply not enough for her. The couple is then shown engaging in flirty, fun, and rather vulnerable moments, showing that they have something worth fighting for. This challenge that Portman’s Miss Dior character proposes to her partner shows her growth into a strong woman and that love is so much more than the things you say to one another.

To further express her love and passion, Portman asked again, “What would you do for love?” in the recent “Dior Love Chain” campaign, where the house partnered with WE Charity to help provide girls in Kenya with an education. Dior used this opportunity to work with an organization whose initiative is to help those in need.

Asking this age-old question not only shows how important love is to Dior and Portman, but that passion is not only expressed through words, but through actions.





Director | Emmanuel Cossu
Model | Natalie Portman
Music | “Chandelier” – Sia