None of My Business Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

None of My Business

Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

None of My Business Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

Out of Paris by way of Canada is avant-garde menswear house None of My Business. The designers whose first collection broke in 2019 have launched a campaign entitled “Electronic Harassment” as it metaphorically reflects the relationship between people and the technology.

The designers believe the tools once developed to be of service to humans are now utilized to encourage the production of fake news and fragmentized information. Which sadly rings true. They go on to claim that ‘Social media drains out time and energy with our wish to stay relevant, not knowing that our free will is sacrificed in the process.” To translate such ideas into fashion, NOMB illustrates a story where elements of garments represent the face of authority granted by the devil and the submissive masses controlled by machinery.

We look forward to watching the house take on the challenge of one’s presence while simultaneously using tech to communicate their message. Oh, the irony.

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