Nordstrom Fall 2018 Men's Ad Campaign by Peter Sutherland

Nordstrom | Fall 2018 Men’s Ad Campaign

Fashion trends are influenced by their surroundings. Everywhere has it’s own uniqueness, even within the same city. In Nordstrom’s release of its Fall 2018 men’s ad campaign, the season’s hottest and most noteworthy trends are being put on full display in the five boroughs of New York, each exhibiting a different look.

Shot by Peter Sutherland with Creative Director Olivia Kim, the campaign showcases men’s collections of Gucci, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Maison Margiela, and many more, with featured models Skylar Penn, Matthew Avedon, Caleb Elijah, and Deem Spence.

The natural backgrounds of some of the images contrast the rockier ones of others, creating a juxtaposition that is pleasing with each background complementing the various collection pieces.

The creative direction of Kim resulted in a campaign that embraces streetwear and the street. A successful way for this high-end department store to exhibit the various unique styles of the season while showing off the varying styles within the unusual city of New York, home to their most recent Men’s store no-less.

Nordstrom Creative Director | Olivia Kim
Photographer | Peter Sutherland
Models | Skylar Penn, Matthew Avedon, Caleb Elijah, Deem Spencer
Stylist | Julia Sarr-Jamois