Last March, San Francisco was the first city in the United States to put a shelter-in-place and the Academy of Art University went remote. It happened right before senior styling students started working on their fashion magazine project. Instead of changing the project due to the circumstances, we decided to move forward, creating a chance for students to give their point of view as stylists on what is happening, using all skills they have learned at school. Many wore several hats, such as styling, but with only clothes they had around them. Each had to navigate art direction, photography, modeling, makeup, hair styling, and graphic design. Some even enlisted their parent to take photos. Each group was spread out all over the world, many laid off from their side retail jobs forcing them to move back home with parents in North Carolina, others had to stay abroad longer in Mexico, or move back to quarantine in China, or stay sheltered in their apartments in San Francisco with limited contact with the outside world. – Flore Morton, Styling Program Director, Academy of Art University San Francisco.

Fashion Director / Layout
BFA Fashion Styling @jia.krystal

Fashion Art Can Be Found Even At Home
Stylist/Model/Photographer | Anna So @_yj1201

Stylist/Model/Photographer | Yihan Jia, BFA Fashion Styling @jia.krystal

R-M Work
Stylist/Mode/Photographer | Fang He, BFA Fashion Styling @_fiona_fang_

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