Oversized Jewelry

Spring 2021 Couture Trend

Is bigger really better? In regards to jewelry design for the year 2021 – the answer is a resounding YES!

Ever since Andy Warhol’s most famous factory superstar Edie Sedgewick popularized chandelier earrings in the mid-1960’s, oversized jewelry has been a trend that seems to come and go every decade or two. The newest iterations from Fendi take the idea of extra-large earrings to daring new extremes, extending well past the shoulder and halfway down upper torsos. Schiaparelli takes the concept of super-sized jewelry into body-modification territory, with glittering faux ears and golden fingernail extensions that almost seem to function more like wearable art than jewelry. In some cases, eye-catching oversized pieces are a seamless continuation of ornamental eveningwear; in other instances, the sculptural jewelry becomes the main focal point for a minimalistic ensemble. No matter what forms they take, the possibilities for oversized jewelry are endless… so remember, go big or go home!

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