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The Impression recognizes the difference between a pre-released ad campaign in the process of fine tuning and a final campaign. We respectfully hold off on editorial reviews of creative until the final campaign is released.


paige-denim-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-03paige-denim-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-01 paige-denim-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-02 Photographer | Naj Jamai
Model | Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Stylist | Cher Coulter
Hair | Jenny Cho
Makeup | Kate Lee
Location | Los Angeles, California

Versace Jeans

versace-jeans-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-01Photographer | Alessio Boni
Models | Vanessa Moody  & Ton Heukels
Stylist |  Alastair McKimm
Hair | Holli Smith
Makeup | Alice Lane

Trussardi Jeans


trussardi-jeans-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-01 trussardi-jeans-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-02 trussardi-jeans-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-04 trussardi-jeans-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-05Agency | Macsiotti
Creative Director | Macs Iotti
Photographer | Roe Ethridge
Model | Ola Rudnicka

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