Palm Angels Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

Palm Angels

"PALM 01" 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Palm Angels “PALM 01” 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Lea Colombo

Photographer Lea Colombo sees the body as a blank canvas in a new campaign for Palm Angels.

The campaign highlights the Milanese streetwear brand’s Palm 01 sneakers, drawing on their blank simplicity as a touchstone for the imagery. Colombo’s elegant and sensual black-and-white portraits capture her subjects fully nude, painting the contours of their bodies with light and shadow and creating a sculptural presence of human form. Colombo herself appears as one of the models in the campaign, an impressive artistic move that deepens the consideration of bare self and the sense of the body as a space for art.

Palm Angels Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos
Lea Colombo | Instagram

Over the last year I have given myself the most amazing and daunting exercise of using my own body as a canvas and subject matter, which has to my surprise brought such calmness and clarity to my being. It’s been such a great experience to grow not only with my body but with my mind and soul. If you would’ve asked me a year ago to photograph myself either clothed or nude, I am not sure it’s something I could have confidently undertaken, yet here I am having done them all. Truthfully it’s been the best journey, that’s only lead me into understanding and loving myself more.

– Lea Colombo via Instagram

Drawing on her signature photographic style and mastery of color, Colombo finishes the images with fluid swathes of color saturation, uniting the images across a spectrum of beauty.

Palm Angles makes a smart choice in collaborating with such a thoughtful and sensitive artist. Smartly drawing on the simplicity of the campaign’s star piece but using the opportunity to further an artistic exploration of self and self-love, Colombo balances style and beauty for a campaign we will not soon forget.

Palm Angels Creative Director | Francesco Ragazzi
Photographer | Lea Colombo
Casting Director | Mollie Dendle

Fashion Writer | The Impression