Pangaia Teams With Jenke Ahmed Tailly For Air-Ink Capsule


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Pangaia Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jenke Ahmed Tailly with Naomi Campbell & Keziah Jones

Pangaia releases a beautiful campaign in celebration of their collaborative capsule with Air-Ink, an environmentally beneficial ink formulated from air pollutants. The Spring 2021 campaign was conceived and directed by Jenke Ahmed Tailly.

Air-Ink is a proprietary brand of ink and composite products made by utilizing PM 2.5 particulate matter, one of the most harmful aspects of air pollution that can cause significant damage to human health as well as contributing to global warming. The proprietary technology of Graviky Labs captures and cleans the particulate matter, transforming it into a pigment to replace carbon black, a commonly used pigment. The once polluting particles are turned into different grades of inks, dispersions, and coatings – leading to the diversion of pollution from the air we breathe. The result is a safe water-based printing ink, that has been utilized for the signature material innovation text-blocks found on Pangaia products, as well as for a new take on the brand’s ‘P’ logo designed by Tailly and constructed from infinity signs.

Pangaia Teams With Jenke Ahmed Tailly For Air-Ink Capsule

When I started working on the campaign concept, I thought about the amazing transformation process behind Air-Ink and how carbon emissions are technically transformed into Ink.

“Just like Ink” is a name I chose and it was inspired by a verse of Maya Angelou powerful poem “Still I rise.” ”Just like moons and like suns, with the certainty of tides, just like hopes springing high, still I’ll rise.”

– Jenke Ahmed Tailly, Creative Director

The campaign was filmed in Lagos, Nigeria, and stars Nigerian musician Keziah Jones alongside legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Pangaia Teams With Jenke Ahmed Tailly For Air-Ink Capsule

Naomi is my forever muse. From the beginning, I thought about featuring her in the campaign as she has so much love for the Continent and is one of its biggest supporters. Equally, her philanthropic work has brought so much positivity to the African narrative; she was the obvious choice for me. I am excited that she is part of the Pangaia story as well.

– Jenke Ahmed Tailly, Creative Director

The inspiration of Angelou’s poetic imagery can be seen in the film’s opening shot of the seashore. From here, we are introduced to Jones, Campbell, and an interconnected creative community that sprawls across Lagos. Using black-and-white and color footage as well as projection, Tailly creates a moving collage of this vibrant city’s interconnected communities. As we meet skaters, dancers, and artists, he mixes in symbolism of infinity – a smart reference to the logo design – and shots of the water, subtly reminding us that everything is united in its connection to the earth.

By focusing on a specific city and cultural scene that has important ties to his own heritage, Tailly richly illustrates the ideas of interdependence and connectivity that is central to Pangaia’s mission of sustainability, and especially to this unique capsule. The campaign also does important work for the industry’s future by showing that sustainability, inclusivity, and positive environmental action is deeply beautiful.

Pangaia Teams With Jenke Ahmed Tailly For Air-Ink Capsule
Pangaia Teams With Jenke Ahmed Tailly For Air-Ink Capsule
Pangaia Teams With Jenke Ahmed Tailly For Air-Ink Capsule

Creative Director/Director | Jenke Ahmed Tailly
Photographers | Jenke Ahmed Tailly, Haastru, Ayomide, Femi Johnson
DOP | Muhammed Atta
Talent | Naomi Campbell, Keziah Jones, Alani, Blessing, Dammy, Elijah, Fahd, Gideon, Godspower, Henry, Jojo, Kizz, Lanre, Promise, Rebecca, Segun Adosu Sking, & Starboy
Hair | Asubugha Odinnaka Ferdinand
Makeup | Amarachi Ananta
Naomi Campbell Makeup | Jessica Amarachi
Location | Lagos

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