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Pantone and creative agency Base Design get colorful and reflective with new ad campaign

By Jillian Siegmund | Impressionist

Talk about a brilliant ad campaign – brilliant in color, that is. Pantone, the across-the-board administrator of color, released its latest campaign called, what else, “Color on Color”. The mirrored campaign is an effort to show off the 210 new, fresh colors to add to anything from fashion to an interior design color palette.

Pantone partnered with the international branding firm Base Design, known for their work with clients such as MoMA and La Fondation Louis Vuitton, for the look, concept and design of the “Color on Color” campaign.

We designed the campaign with the goal of creating iconic images that speak both the language of Pantone and fashion. By moving the Pantone brand into the fashion context, the campaign engages the creative segment of the audience while retaining the essence of the brand: colors!

Min Lew – Creative Director | Base New York
Pantone and Base designed the campaign to ultimately capture the use of color in a very smart and creative way. It isn’t easy to show off a new range of 210 colors for clothes, even to designers who are full of vision. The crew at Base and photographer Sacha Maric wisely came up with the use of mirrors as a design solution to show off color in a new and reflective way. We think it will have designers saying, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what color looks best of them all?”

Base Pantone - Color on Color - Ad 01 Base Pantone - Color on Color - Ad 02 Base Pantone - Color on Color - Ad 03
Base Pantone - Color on Color 01 Base Pantone - Color on Color 02 Base Pantone - Color on Color 03 Base Pantone - Color on Color 5 Base Pantone - Color on Color 05

Agency | Base Design
Creative Director | Min Lew
Photographer | Sacha Maric