Peace Collective Dismantles MAGA Hats to #UnravelHate

Peace Collective

Dismantles MAGA Hats to #UnravelHate

When defining something as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, does one look to the object, the action or the intention behind its existence? There are several valid answers in the debate, but one can’t expect to find a clear-cut answer to it for it’s subjective.

The divisive “Make America Great Again” hat is a great subject for the debate for what many believe the hat stands for like elitism, bigotry, and simply hatred. The hat itself is a symbol for hatred, but what else could the hat be or be used for? Leave it to Peace Collective to find a better use for the red cap.

Founded in 2014, the Canadian brand aims to provide support and resources and empower those that are chasing their passions. With every product sale, the brand is able to provide 5 meals to a child in need in Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Syria, and Thailand. To further its initiative to support those in need and bring people together, the label launched its #UnravelHate campaign showing how they have repurposed the hat to be a symbol of acceptance.

#UnravelHate stars a Syrian refugee, an American expat, a Palestinian immigrant, a Salvadorian refugee, and an Ugandan immigrant speaking about what the phrase “Make America Great Again” means to them. The five speakers share their opinions of the phrase, specifically how it breeds hate, division, and exclusion. As they speak, close up shots of a seam ripper show the white threads of the MAGA hat being removed letter by letter, and the loose white thread is then used to sew a new phrase on a red beanie cap: “Welcome to Canada”.

The five speakers, with beanie in hand, share their joy and discuss the meaning behind using the hat to make a new symbol of togetherness and their happiness in reciprocated acceptance by Canada.

Peace Collective took a simple idea and made something special that will surely cause a ripple effect. The brand is one of a few to try to redefine the MAGA cap. Public School comes to mind with its “Make America New York” cap, which proceeds of its sale went to the ACLU. #UnravelHate ditches poignant satire for meaningful recycling that many will feel proud to be a part of when they know the how and why.