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Perry’s Peppy Patterns in Spring 2017 Ad Campaign


The vivacious Perry Ellis has always had a preppy pep in their step – one that personifies memorable vibrancy and spunk. Valuing the importance of self-expression, the basis of Perry Ellis fashion is constructed off confidence and individuality.

For their Spring 2017 campaign, Yard helped Perry Ellis create colorful, vibrant patterns that let creativity shine through. This provides a perfect mix of fashion and fun – not to forget some fresh-faced features… A new cast represents the brand to perfectly embody its spirit and liveliness. The four models morph into relatable, fun-loving guys, being fully welcomed to show off their versatility.

Perry Ellis knows that style is more than fashion. It’s really about confidence and self-expression. So for our Spring 2017 campaign, we featured a cast who’s stylish but doesn’t take fashion too seriously. We had a painter, a martial artist, an athlete…people with versatility outside of their modeling careers. Channeling the spirit of Perry Ellis and the ability to go anywhere, do anything, our campaign has a sensibility that is approachable, relaxed, and modern.

- Stephen Niedzwiecki, Founder & Creative Director, Yard

Perry Ellis presents a refreshing, go-with-the-flow take on the fashion industry – one that doesn’t take it too seriously. This peaceful, down-to-earth, fresh campaign embodies the message that anything is possible – signifying the true soul of Perry Ellis.

Agency | YARD
Creative Directors | Stephen Niedzwiecki & Richard Austin
Photographer | KT Auleta
Models | Lucas Cristino, Torin Verdone, Alex Pierce,  & Lane Foster