Phipps Teams With Oceanic Global in Celebration of World Oceans Day

Designer Spencer Phipps Comes at Oceanic Stewardship with a Straight Forward Message

San Francisco native, and Paris showcasing designer Spencer Phipps is a fan of the ocean, sustainability and philanthropic efforts. So it should come as now surprise that the designer has created a charitable Phipps capsule with the simple message of ‘Save the Fucking Whales” to celebrate World Oceans Day.

I fucking love the ocean, and would like to get everyone excited about taking care of it.

– Spencer Phipps

For the project Phipps teamed with those that also care, Oceanic Global, whose goal is to create learning experiences and sustainable collaborations in and around ocean education. Oceanic Global and Phipps intend to generate a measurable impact for ocean conservation by directing a QR code to a donation platform, and once the fall Phipps collection is in store, donating 15% of all webshop sales in June to Oceanic Global.

The catchy slogan is printed with attention to ecological standard, using water-based ink opposed to inks with toxic plastic components and is on an organic cotton jersey base of course.

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