Photographer Peter Lindbergh’s ‘Untold Stories’ Exhibition to Showcase in Spain

Peter Lindbergh Special Exhibit in La Coruna, Spain

The exhibition will showcase the photographer’s work and abide by his curation as planned

Before his untimely death in 2019, Peter Lindbergh worked on an exhibition titled ‘Untold Stories.’ The Exhibition was curated by Lindbergh himself. After his passing the exhibition will have its first-ever showing in Spain in A Coruña, Galicia opening on 4 December and running until 28 February 2022.

Lindbergh spent two years selecting images stretching over his four-decade spanning career in which he immortalised some of the world’s most celebrated women in fashion, cinema and beyond, including Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Rampling to Uma Thurman and many of the models who defined the 1990s – including Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.  He left an indelible mark on the worlds of both fashion and photography. With more than 150 photographs from the early 1980s to 2019, the exhibition offers new and unexpected insights into the work of this legendary photographer.

When Peter visited A Coruña in 2018, the connection between the harbour city and his aesthetics resonated immediately. Galicia’s gloomy weather, the tumultuous tide waves intertwined with the omnipresent industrial background seemed like a perfect counterpart to the Ruhr region, where my father grew up in Germany. Such a place, where both force of nature and force of mankind unite harmoniously, would fit  almost perfectly Untold Stories, the last exhibition he worked on and very likely his most personal project ever. On behalf of the Peter Lindbergh Foundation, I am immensely grateful to Marta Ortega for allowing Untold Stories to be displayed in her home town and for Peter’s legacy to touch the people of Galicia and beyond.”

Benjamin Lindbergh

The exhibition is presented in association with the Lindbergh Foundation under the direction of Benjamin Lindbergh, the photographer’s son. It has been organised with the personal support of Marta Ortega, a friend of the photographer and long-time admirer of his work, as part of an initiative for A Coruña with an ambition to bring world-class culture to the region, while at the same time promoting Galicia’s rich cultural spirit to the world.

The exhibition, which was designed by Peter Lindbergh himself, will occupy a converted industrial building in the A Coruña harbour area in an architectural intervention led by Elsa Urquijo which will be a remarkable new addition to the city.

The exhibition is accompanied by a special edition of the Taschen book “Untold Stories”. A new book, “Raw Beauty”, features interviews and images of some of Lindberg’s best-known subjects including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Penélope Cruz and Rosalía, brought together in celebration of his life, as well as essays by some of the celebrated creative figures who have chosen to make Galicia their home, including photographer Nick Knight and architect David Chipperfield. “Raw Beauty” also features the poetry and landscape photography of Galician artist Manuel Vilariño.

Peter and Galicia have great similarities…savage nature, natural beauty, the human warmth that makes you feel alive. It is my great privilege to be able to bring them both together. I do it with the sole purpose that each Coruñés, each Galician, each Spaniard, and everyone who travels the world and arrives in this wonderful land, will be able to freely enjoy and appreciate this exquisite exhibition that Peter prepared to the last detail before his untimely death. I hope, and firmly believe, that it will be the starting point for many who, once they have entered Peter’s world, will fall in love with his images and seek to get to know him in more depth.”

Marta Ortega
Luciana Curtis, New York, 1998