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Store Scout – Pinko Miami


Pinko has opened a new store in Miami, making it their third U.S location. In an effort to expand internationally, this opening was a big step for the Italian fashion brand. Following behind, a second Miami Pinko location that will be opening this June. The stores will allow Pinko to develop more of a relationship with their American consumers and market.

The Miami store brings a sense of elegance and vibrancy to shoppers. Jewel toned furniture provide additional contrast to the brass fixtures throughout the sales floor. The store is based on a concept by architect Massimiliano Locatelli, which pays dues to the Italian interpretation of 1950’s modernism. The dried oak flooring and 1960’s styled wallpaper provide the perfect backdrop, allowing the rest of the elements to stand out.

The store features a “Store Stylist,” which is a self-supported touch screen wall. The “Store Stylist” makes it possible for customers to browse a virtual catalog and see the season’s latest styles. The brilliance in this, is that it combines the continually overlapping idea of fashion and technology.

Architect | Massimiliano Locatelli

9700 Collins Avenue, Suite 269
Bal Harbour, Pinko Boutique, Miami, FL 33154

786 577 7330

Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 10am – 9pm
Sun. 12pm – 6pm