Polartec X Reigning Champ

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Polartec X Reigning Champ Fall 2020 Ad Campaign by Director Norman Wong with Triston Brookes

For Fall 2020, Reigning Champ continues their longstanding partnership with textile provider Polartec. Their first complete collection comprises training and lifestyle products, using a range of breathable fabrics.

Drawing inspiration from the sport of boxing, their recent campaign follows the life of emerging Canadian boxer and 2021 Olympic prospect, Triston Brookes. A two-time middleweight champion from Mississauga, Ontario, his story is one of true grit, relentless fight, and sheer perseverance, both inside and outside the ring. Early morning runs at dawn and countless hours spent at the gym serve as a backdrop to the superior versatility and high-performance attributes of our collaborative Polartec series.

The featured short film, directed by Toronto-based photographer Norman Wong, captures the fighter in his element — sprinting, sparring, and honing his craft. An original score, created by musical polymath Charles Spearin (of Broken Social Scene), sets the pace for Tristan’s intensifying training session as he pushes physical and mental limits to their highest peaks.

It’s challenging to capture passion and intensity in sportswear campaigns; they often feel staged and highly performative. Wong’s work captures Brookes in poetic moments of his craft, drawing out the artistry in athleticism.

The grainy black and white stills capture much more than athletic wear; they tell the story of the man living in them.

By interweaving pensive portrait shots with action shots, the high-contrast campaign successfully captures hard work and determination; most importantly, the images evoke inspiration within the onlooker. The beauty of Wong’s pictorial narrative and the empathy between the two artists bring this campaign to life.

Brand Creative Director | Michael Belgue
Director | Norman Wong
Talent | Triston Brookes, Tony Wallace
Stylist | Skye Kelton, Basia Wyszynski
Hair & Makeup | Luisa Duran
Production | Jason Aita
Cinematographer | Bobby Shore
Colorist |Conor Fisher
Music | Charles Spearin
Sound Designer | Martin Davis Kinack, Adam Parsons
Executive Producer|Kathi Ziolkowski
Producer|Jason Aita