Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2019 Denim Ad Campaign

Polo Ralph Lauren

Fall 2019 Denim Ad Campaign By Tim Hill & James Finnigan

‘Tell me the story about that pair of jeans you will never forget.’

Tell me … the story … you … never … forget.

Stories are the building blocks of relationships, families, communities, dynasties, and eras. And with a roughly romantic command by a narrator requesting to hear a story, one of fashion’s greatest storytellers, Ralph Lauren, has launched a film and campaign worthy of a story.

Like most stories the fall 2019 Polo Ralph Lauren “Wear Your Story,” campaign is of the moment, touching on family, inclusion, diversity, and brand values. Many consider those elements to be all a story needs. Those elements, while important, are simply the foundation of many of today’s stories and plenty of storytellers have them. It is the way Ralph Lauren tells the story that earns our ear. His commitment to the love of story.

Ralph Lauren has love for the images, the flow, the aspirations, the tonalities, the connections, the movements, and the details. He loves to reflect love. Love of nature, sophistication, good style, good manners, and family. While many may reflect Mr. Lauren’s love for American aristocracy, the underlying element is all of his historic storytelling is family and relationships.

Ralph Lauren is a romantic and here that romance is reflected in the opening statement itself, “Tell me the story about that pair of jeans you will never forget.” The request is that of a romantic seeking to learn more from a soulmate. “Tell me about the person, the moment, the feeling you will never forget.” These are questions only a storyteller probes with, pulling back the veneer to build stronger bonds.

Bonding is after all what advertising is all about and here it is on display in the unique tales of how a favorite pair of jeans became unforgettable. In case you forgot, “Unforgettable” is actually the name of a love song. And only a true storyteller like Mr. Lauren, could lead you down that path.

Polo Ralph Lauren Creative Director | Ralph Lauren
Photographers | Tim Hill & James Finnigan
Director | Steven Brahms
Models | Jegor Venned, Teresa Lourenco, George Okeny, Leila Dee Thomas, Altyn Simpson & Jeenu Mahadevan
Hair | Adlena Dingham
Makeup | Ciara O’Shea
Casting Director | Mark Aguilar/East Tenth Casting

Editor-In-Chief, Chief Impressionist | The Impression