Porsche Teams with Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing On New Video Series

‘Drive Defined’ With Porsche And Balmain’s, Olivier Rousteing

Porsche Panamera launches “Drive Defined” a new video series debuting today on social media featuring Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain. Shot in Paris and Étretat on the coast of Normandy, the four-and-half-minute film shows Rousteing behind the wheel of Porsche’s latest Panamera model talking about the personal story of his inner drive.

Narrated by Rousteing, the designer reveals what he sees as his role in the world, as well as his love for a brand that shares his same motivators and values.

I have a role in my world, to push the boundaries and to establish aesthetics, and a new world, the world that I want to live in. All of this fits perfectly with Porsche – a brand that has fascinated me since my childhood, and that stands for design and tradition combined with innovative strength.

– Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director at Balmai

Porsche let Rousteing choose Normandy as one of the locations for the film, as it has always been one of his favorite spots. It’s probably no coincidence that this was the same region where Balmain’s 2021 Resort Collection’s look book was photographed.

“I’ve always loved driving,“ stated Rousteing. “Whenever I can, I like to escape the city, and I especially enjoy driving in the countryside.”

“I love the timelessness of Porsche, I love the elegance of the cars and I love the passion of driving. I’m a driven person and I feel like Porsche is a driven brand,” he said, lauding the “sense of aesthetics” it applies to all the technical marvels incorporated in the cars.

There are many other similarities between the fashion designer and the luxury car brand. Rousteing who is renowned for repeatedly pushing boundaries, was also one of the pioneers of Instagram marketing. Efforts like the recruiting internationally famous women and virtual influencers to his “Balmain Army”, has successfully guided the brand towards a younger generation.

“Olivier Rousteing is not just an authentic Porsche enthusiast, he is also a perfect fit for us with his desire to make Balmain a modern brand with the highest standards of quality and luxury,” says Jelena Batic who is responsible for the cooperation at Porsche. “Together, we explore his exceptional driving force in the films by examining the connection between the worlds of sports cars and fashion, which creates relevance for our existing customers, as well as for younger and female target groups.”

The video series about the Porsche Panamera is a first step in the collaboration between Rousteing and Porsche, but Rousteing hints there are future projects in the works.

“The short film is the introduction. Now that I’m really part of the Porsche family, we’re going to think about creating together.”

The videos will be published on Porsche’s social media channels and Olivier Rousteing’s Instagram channel between the middle of March and the end of April. 

Photos | Francesca Beltran

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