Prabal Gurung

Spring 2020 Collection Imagery

Prabal Gurung dreams big.

To celebrate the release of his eponymous label’s Spring 2020 collection, the designer and creative director has launched a unique multimedia project titled “Beautiful Dreamers.” A series of editorial profiles, the project expands on the runway show’s exploration of American identity. Gurung worked with Alisha Goldstein, founder and CCO of Jane Smith Agency and art director of the project, to feature the diverse cast of the runway show in intimate interviews paired with powerful portraits by photographer David Roemer.

The Spring 2020 collection explored the notion of American identity and who gets to claim it. It is something that I think about often as an immigrant in this country, as I am sure many others do as well. I wanted to delve into that idea and tell the stories of the beautiful & inspiring models who walk our runways, and tell the story of their American Dreams. I believe that all who dare to dream are courageous and audacious, they should be celebrated!

– Prabal Gurung

As an opportunity to learn about the people behind the faces of a runway show, this campaign feels rare and invigorating. Fashion models are rarely given the chance to work in a creative space and still retain a personal identity; normally they are merely an image of a beautiful person devoid of substance. Here we get a chance to understand them as they are and as we know them to be, as real people with lives and histories. This inclusivity fits perfectly with the broader message of the project: that our differences are a huge part of what makes us beautiful, and that there is no one American dream.

We wanted to capture Prabal’s vision for the S20 show, but more than that – because it is his 10th Anniversary Collection – we wanted to make this very special for him and the brand. So we came up with an idea that complimented his collection theme of “Who gets to be American,” while encapsulating all that he stands for as a designer. “Beautiful Dreamers”… a digital campaign that takes fashion show content to a new level of depth, was inspired by his carefully curated, diverse and inclusive cast. Beyond the beautiful, elevated imagery shot backstage, we interviewed the cast about their dreams and experiences. Through sharing their stories and optimism, we hope to evoke a sense of positivity and unity as we step into this critical year and a new decade.”

Alisha Goldstein, Founder and CCO of Jane Smith Agency

With the arrival of a new decade in our current social and political atmosphere, that message of positivity and unity comes at an extremely important time. As the face of America continues to change, Prabal Gurung and projects like these will be a reminder to embrace the beauty in our differences.

Prabal Gurung Creative Director | Prabal Gurung
Agency | Jane Smith Agency
Art/Creative Director | Alisha Goldstein
Photographer |  David Roemer
Models | Vanessa Moody, Pooja Mor, Dara, Aya Jones, Joaquim Arnell, Lindsay Wixson, Ellen Rosa, Zoe Thaets, Laura Sørensen, Yoon Young Bae, Ajok Madel, Tao Okamoto, Jamily Wernke Meurer, Xu Meen, Ysaunny Brito
Stylist | Alex Harrington
Film | Lucia Martinez