‘Electricromance’ Fall 2019 Special Project

Prada has once again teamed with photographer Willy Vanderperre to take advantage of their fall 2019 menswear runway show, creating a still and video special digital program to leverage across their digital platforms.

The idea follows on the recent pairing for Resort where Vanderperre captured models against the red gelled windows of Prada’s resort show help in their New York offices. This time around the team layered on video with the likes of Bella Hadid which plays well to her digital fans.

The release successfully plays into the state of media today, and how over time its infiltration into society has changed the way we communicate. Brand’s thought processes have evolved to think like publishers, and fashion houses such as Prada have had to adapt to those changes in this way.

That thinking applies to the backstage settings, as houses have moved from glorified closets to expansive backstage areas that include white cycs for models to pose on before walking the runway. In this instance, Prada separated themselves from the generic white by taking the black noise reduction foam that was used on the flooring of the men’s set, along with the oversized light bulbs, and placing it on the backstage area.

Prada Men’s Fall 2019 Runway Show Set

Attention to detail and color pattern sets the tone here on everything from dramatic sparkling lightbulbs, a foam-padded spiked floor, pronounced shadows against slim silhouettes, monochrome overtones, cool, saturated palettes, a mixture of intense close-ups and long shots highlighting prestige detail, bold combinations of light and dark, etc.

Beauty, charisma, and elegant innovation continue to live on in the Prada house as well as smart thinking. Prada has wisely capitalized on an advertising opportunity that will go across media platforms and reach their audience with something new and eye-catching, and The Impression is all about it. This assembly of photos encapsulates a new outlook for the Prada house, the contrast between light and dark, fragility and strength, romance and aggression — opposite ideas working together. Not unlike the idea of a live show and a photoshoot all in one.

Prada Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Photographer | Willy Vanderperre
Models | Freek Iven, Gigi Hadid, Yang Hao, Freja Beha Erichsen, Pablo Fernandez, Kirill Astashev, Jekabs Subatovics, Wellington Grant, David Van Brusselt, Na, Anok Yai, Sora Choi