Prada Launches 'Prada Escape' at Selfridges


Launches 'Prada Escape' at Selfridges

Selfridges’s Corner Shop has once again cornered the market with their latest collaboration with Prada, launching an exclusive “Prada Escape” world traveler concept themed around journeys, the outdoors and camping.

The 1250 sq ft space will stay open through September which is perfect for the fashion flock who will be in town for the upcoming London Fashion Week and includes thermal bottles, camouflage-wrapped chocolate Prada bars created by Milan pastry connoisseurs Marchesi 1824, and luxury paraphernalia Prada campers.

To showcase the offerings Miuccia Prada teamed with American digital artist Erik Winkowski to create a series of digital videos and stills for social media.

In addition to its nylon series and cameo footwear, Prada has teamed with Japanese stationery firm, Midori, to offer a range of limited edition notebooks to worldly travelers to use for their travelogue. The collection comes online this Tuesday.

Prada Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Video Artist | Erik Winkowski