Prada on Ice Pop-Up Store

Prada On Ice News

The world of winter sports, seen through the eyes of Prada with a modern, iconic twist, is the inspiration for the new Prada On Ice pop-up stores and the exclusive collection created for them.

Winter sport epitomises a spirit of dynamism and exceptional performance. Reimagined in Prada’s trademark style, it provides the inspiration for the Pop-up Store Prada On Ice: an original space with a unique character that showcases spectacular athleticism, intense challenges, the power of teamwork and the allure of speeding through the outdoors.

Simple styles and ergonomic forms give rise to a precise, bold design, expressed in cutting-edge materials and the brand’s unmistakeable colour palette.

This concept debuts in the USA at the Prada Beverly Hills store in Los Angeles, where dynamic red and blue graphics, a clear reference to the lines on ice hockey rinks, dart across snow-white walls, defined by the protruding elements, while a red LED strip displays rolling Prada logos like on a scoreboard. The stands of a stadium are transformed into a functional area for customers and a bobsleigh platform becomes a display surface, while the scene is dominated by evocative mannequins reproducing sporting figures in athletic poses.  

This space is home to the special Prada collection, which includes sports accessories like skis, snowboards, sledges and snowshoes, accessories like ski goggles, ski boot bags and sleeping bags, and garments that combine high performance with a distinctive style: ski trousers and Bermuda shorts made of technical fabric, oversized polyester jackets with vibrant and colourful geometric and floral patterns, double-printed jersey outfits and mountain-inspired sweaters in extremely fine cashmere.