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DJA brings PRADA  back to Milano roots in Resort 2017 Ad Campaign featuring Jessica Chastain


Prada’s newest campaign, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, featuring actress Jessica Chastain and Dane DeHann strolling through the streets of Milan, focuses on their heritage and culture. The cinematic campaign features the city’s landmarks where Prada feels most at home, in front of the Fondazione Prada and the Civic Planetarium Ulrico Hoepli, making the travel stay close to their origin. With the dignified Italian city providing a vital role, Chastain and DeHaan help Prada the foundations of fashion while bringing in fresh ideas and concepts to keep moving forward.

The campaign shows Chastain and DeHaan traversing through Milan’s industrial and historical architecture, providing something modern and different. DJA even makes us think about the city and everyday objects and actions in it, in a psychological way. The Impression feels as though we are being taken on the journey in search of something in the city of Milano. That something may just be the basic beginning. Prada travels across its own heritage before taking flight in an unmapped direction, exploring and remaining within the most important aspects of the brand.



Agency | DJA
Photographer & Videographer | Willy Vanderperre

Model | Jessica Chastain & Dane DeHaan
Stylist | Olivier Rizzo
Prop Stylist | Emma Roach
Hair | Jimmy Paul
Makeup | Lynsey Alexander
Production | PRODn
Music | Outback by Marcel Dettmann
Location | Milan