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The Postman is back with Prada’s second installment of their Spring Series

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Prada’s postman rings twice, with the release of their last two film shorts by American photographer/filmmaker Autumn de Wilde to showcase the house’s Galleria bag.

For those of you not home when the postman rang the first time, the series, entitled The Postman Dreams, revolves around a Buster Keaton-like postman and his adventures in a surreal hybrid of Los Angeles meets Tuscany.  For the final installment in the series, we find our favorite postman enjoying a romantic interlude in The Laundromat as well as making his delivery rounds in The Tree. Once again, our protagonist is side saddled with his accompanying brass band, The Blasting Company.

The series is an ode to the playfulness of American cinema and the inventiveness of fashion visionaries who understand what it really takes to deliver, come rain or shine.


Written & Directed by | Autumn de Wilde
Cast | Buddy Watson (Postman), Colter Carlbom-Mann (Battlefield Boy)
The Band | The Blasting Company

Executive Producers | Max Burn, Eric Stern
Producer | Jessica Cooper Carlson
Director of Photography | Matthew J. Lloyd, CSS
Production Design | Adam Siegel & Tna Pappas
Editor | Miky Wolf
Casting Director | Dan Bell
Music | The Blasting Company