Primary Colors

Fall 2021 Trend

History repeats itself: it has been just over one hundred years since the founding of the Bauhaus school, and today’s top designers are embracing the commitment to primary colors that characterized this iconic and influential art movement. At the same time, however, perhaps nothing could be more timeless, or timely, than the three primary colors. Thus, the runways of Fall 2021 have felt like an exciting artistic laboratory for reverence, reinvention, and innovation.

Dior embraces the romance of red. Stella McCartney brings the check, plaid, and stripe patterns for playful, vintage-inspired primary looks. Balenciaga combined medieval knight leggings(!) with bold primary pieces on top for an experimental meeting of past and present. Moschino playfully unveiled a head-to-toe yellow look that felt like a mashup of iconic (and primary-clad) cartoon characters The Man In The Yellow Hat and Carmen Sandiego. Courrèges go back to their roots with some bright red go-go boots. Raf Simons matches the modernist energy of his oversized pieces with bright reds, yellows, and blues.

Giambattista Valli
Human Poetics By Polimoda