Print Explosion

Resort & Spring 2021 Trend

Head-to-toe prints are trending across Copenhagen Street Style and Spring and Resort 2021 fashion presentations. A kaleidoscope of colors has unfolded before our eyes as designers and influencers deploy eye-popping all-over patterns. Whether mixing and matching or aggressively clashing, the bolder the better.

Balmain and Burberry opt for checks and plaids, whereas Gucci favors floral and paisley motifs, along with 70’s-inspired op-art prints. Dior keeps it classy with small-scale geometrics, large mandalas, and asymmetrical nature-inspired botanicals. When combining different patterns, changes of scale are perhaps the best ways to pull off this trend…but when in doubt, there are plenty of opportunities to go head-to-toe in the same bold pattern with high-contrast prints from myriad designers including Louis Vuitton and Bottega Venetta. So don’t hold it in, just let those prints explode!

Copenhagen Street Style