Pyer Moss

"Production and Persuasion" Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Pyer Moss “Production and Persuasion” Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Kerby Jean-Raymond with Directors madebyJAMES starring Tracee Ellis Ross

Pyer Moss laments the difficulties of fashion success with a new short film titled “Production and Persuasion” starring actor Tracee Ellis Ross.

The film is the third installment of the brand’s “Always Sold Out” series, which forms a tongue-in-cheek parody of the fact that its highly coveted collections are nearly impossible to buy anywhere. While the first two installments focused on these difficulties from the consumer’s perspective – depicting a race for the last pair of sneakers or the difficulty of being able to satisfy a girlfriend who only wears Pyer Moss – the new film is a self-deprecating look at the brand’s inside perspective.

Sophisticatedly styled in a Pyer Moss suit, Ross portrays a fashion executive who is trying to get in touch with producers and actually get a collection produced. Her comedy acting chops are out in full force as she switches on a dime between different personas, embodying an over-caffeinated New Yorker in one moment and an angry Frenchwoman in the next. Ultimately, she just gives up.

The intention of the campaign is somewhat confusing, but for this reason, it invites conversation. In a way, it does make the brand seem more accessible and relatable to its consumers – if fans are frustrated that they can’t buy the pieces they want, imagine how frustrated Pyer Moss must be that they can’t even get the clothes made themselves. But another perspective might see this sort of complaining as unprofessional. Consumers don’t want to see how the sausage gets made. Fashion work is work, and many of us might prefer to see fashion executives quietly do their job and deliver a great product and image, rather than making niche jokes about how difficult it is.

Kerby Jean-Raymond’s staggering rise to success is tied to Pyer Moss’ somewhat subversive and disruptive approach to their own role within the fashion industry. By falling into the stereotype of a shallow and abrasive fashion executive, the brand is relying on the very tropes they are seeking to distance themselves from. At the same time, one way of seeing the film might be a critique of these tropes. Either way, the film effectively does use humor to start a conversation – but it might be a conversation that only a handful of industry insiders are equipped to have.

Pyer Moss Creative Director | Kerby Jean-Raymond
Executive Producers | Kanya Iwana of KI STUDIO + Nicklaus von Nolde
Artistic Director/Producer | Berlin Nicolas
Directors | Kerby Jean-Raymond, madebyJAMES, Darrin Bush
Director of Photography | Rob Julin
Editor | Darrin Bush
Talent | Tracee Ellis Ross
Stylist | Katherine Mateo
Hair | Nai’vasha
Makeup | Tracey Levy
Production | Basewood