R.M. WIlliams Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

R.M. Williams

'Handcrafted in Australia' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of R.M. Williams ‘Handcrafted in Australia’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Art Director Toby Rupert, Film Directors Andreas Smetana & Matt Creswell, and Photographer Anna Pogossova

R.M. Williams shares a unique new campaign that highlights the meticulous creative process behind its iconic handcrafted boots and leather goods. The campaign features art direction by Toby Rupert, film direction by Andreas Smetana and Matt Creswell, and photography by Anna Pogossova.

Like the boots themselves, the campaign is meticulously crafted, thoughtfully taking its time to focus on the details behind each piece. From the selection of the leather to the final stamp of approval, the film guides its viewer through each step of a Chelsea boot’s manufacturing process, with a particular emphasis on all the human touch that goes into it.

Pogossova’s black-and-white photographs continue this emphasis on the “hand” part of handcrafted: the elegant process shots highlight tools of the trade and the meticulous handwork that goes into crafting a pair of boots or a belt.

Educational and illuminating, the campaign is a smart way to highlight R.M. Williams’ most signature characteristic, its heritage of excellent Australian craftsmanship. Many product-focused campaigns can either feel like boring product shots or, on the other end of the spectrum, lose the the product completely among concept and visuals – with this campaign, R.M. Williams puts the focus directly on their confidence in craftsmanship, and does it with style and elegance.

Art Director | Tony Rupert
Photographer | Anna Pogossova
Film Directors | Andreas Smetana & Matt Cresswell
Stylist | Gemma Keil
Film Editor | Lester Jones