R.M. Williams

Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of R.M. Williams ‘On The Road’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Jake Terrey

R.M. Williams hits the road with a dreamy new campaign for Fall 2021, featuring photography by Jake Terrey.

Tapping into the R.M. Williams’ identity as an iconic and nearly century-old Australian heritage brand, the campaign celebrates friendship through a journey across the beautiful landscapes of the down under continent. The film follows a group of young friends as they travel from a sleepy outback town through deep countryside, stopping to chase memories along the way, to arrive at Australia’s spectacular coast. Slow-motion shots of linen and long hair blowing the breeze, set to an indie-folk lullaby, perfectly embody that care-free feeling of adventure and bliss which may not exist in real life, but still feels familiar.

Captured in both color and black and white, Terrey’s photographs augment the sense of adventure and nostalgia. Some of his shots take the form of well-composed portraits, while others feel like candid, off-the-cuff images that one of the protagonists might have captured on a disposable camera.

With classic cars and not a cell phone in sight, the campaign feels vintage and nostalgic, which taps into a contemporary longing for escape. (The film’s shot of Chelsea boot-clad feet hanging out the window of a 70’s Mercedes as the countryside whirls past is sure to make Fleet Foxes fans salivate.) This visual sense works nicely with the styling, which remains faithful to the brand’s historic heritage, though subtly updated and reimagined for the present moment.

While the campaign doesn’t introduce any new ideas to the tried-and-true road-trip genre of ad campaign, it executes it particularly well.

The aesthetic and location(s) work especially well with R.M. Williams’ well-established identity and design approach, creating the perfect fantasy palette to see its signature pieces in action.

Photographer | Jake Terrey
Location | Esperance in Western Australia
Music | ‘Honey’ by Olympia