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Raf Simons Spring 2018 Ad Campaign


For the brand’s Spring 2018 campaign, Raf Simons curated an impeccably bold and vibrant advertisement, drawing inspiration from one of the most futuristic films from the ‘80s. At the center of the campaign are the daring designs of creative mastermind Peter Saville. Inspired by the film’s underlying neon presence, Saville composed Chinese lanterns that first made their debut in the brand’s Spring 2018 runway show.

At first glance, the ad campaign, shot by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Oliver Rizzo, encompasses a neon, futuristic Manhattan Chinatown. The inspiration behind this bold campaign dates back to the original release of Blade Runner in the ‘80s—a film set in a futuristic time period. The film’s retro-future aesthetic went on to spark the creativity of English art director and graphic designer Peter Saville, who first gained recognition due to the several record sleeves he curated for Factory Records, which he co-founded along with Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus in 1978. Saville’s neon paper lanterns pop off the page, with designs ranging from Chinese symbols to the typographical print of “New Order Movement” taglines.

The campaign not only encompasses the brand’s spunky, futuristic focus for this season, it alludes to the film’s dreary, mysterious ambiance through the underlying presence of rain depicted on the windows and the model who is sluiced with water.

As a whole, the brand does a brilliant job with its visually stimulating campaign. It is daring and unique along the lines of retro-futurism, yet it does an exceptional job at interweaving the culture of Asia with that of the West.

The creative visions of Peter Saville are at the heart of the Raf Simons campaign and they successfully play a symbolic tribute to the film behind all the inspiration.


Photographer | Willy Vanderperre
Model | Luca Lemaire
Stylist | Olivier Rizzo
Hair | Anthony Turner
Makeup | Lynsey Alexander
Set Design | Emma Roach