Rag and Bone | DIY Campaign Spring 2018

rag and bone’s latest DIY campaign once again features an array of diverse talents for Spring 2018 in Ashley Graham, Marina Testino, Bibi Borthwick, and Andreea Diaconu. Now in it’s 7th year since being founded in 2011, CEO and founder of rag and bone, Marcus Wainwright, has earned the right to truly speak to the fashion catch phrase of ‘authenticity.’

This season, each of the talents once again took free rein in their own rag and bone inspired shoots, celebrating the label’s versatile looks. From Diaconu’s playful dip in an idyllic marsh to Borthwick’s silent ode to the art of undressing, each shoot is part of the rag and bone story.

Up and coming photographer Borthwick makes the camera and her role of photographer central focus of her artisanal short, while Testino is shown enjoying short shorts.

Ashley Graham starred in a self-directed film wearing the label’s signature black tank, high-waisted jeans, and long-sleeve crop top. Fans buzzed with excitement upon the film’s release, many assuming that Graham’s involvement meant the label would begin carrying extended sizes. And they were right.

While the label clarified that Graham was in fact wearing size 32 jeans (the largest “straight” size the label carries), it has confirmed that it will begin carrying extended sizes in November. The house put skin in the game by answering consumers’ demands for more sizing options.

These talents are seen being themselves and that’s what rag and bone wants to emphasize. In many respects they were ahead of the curve of consumer developed content, albeit consumers who are associated with the house, but raw DIY talent none-the-less. In addition, the house has stuck with a winning formula that allows for a diversified cast and diversified content as each interprets the brand in their own fashion. A lesson in how if you let go, sometimes what comes back is more than you hoped for.