Rag & Bone Debuts Time of Day film at The Highline during NYFW

Rag & Bone | Debuts Time of Day film at The Highline during NYFW

It takes six degrees of separation to connect two seemingly unrelated people together. Nowadays, due to social media, the connection seems far fewer than six, and in New York City, the degrees of separation can be less than one. The Big Apple is one of many global cities where millions of lives intersect in a given day. Like planets in orbit, New Yorkers cross paths and form connections without a formal introduction. We may feel lonely, but we are never alone.

Time of Day, Rag & Bone’s latest film by Greek cinematographer Thimios Bakatakis, explores this concept with vignettes of eight people in New York City and Los Angeles. The eight characters played by Kate Mara, Boyd Holbrook, Pom Klementieff, Lakeith Stanfield, Reed Morano, Lake Bell, Jon Hamm and Emma Roberts never cross paths, but share different things like a 1988 Landcruiser, which Bell drives to a river bed in downtown Los Angeles for an impromptu dance and Hamm is seen driving in the scene after, and a desert motel where Klementieff wakes to find an alligator and where Roberts sneaks to after dinner. Time stamps also split each scene and move the day and story forward.

The film is intentionally open ended, hearkening to passing glances, shared public transit rides and communal spaces. We never know the story of the man or woman next to us at a restaurant or on the subway and we part ways to never see each other again. Bakatakis recreates these empty meetings in Time of Day through voyeuristic direction and very few moments of connection between the characters and the viewers.

The emptiness is balanced with Easter eggs, a Thom Yorke-produced soundtrack, and the Rag & Bone FW18 collection. Every character is outfitted in the brand’s latest collection, which the viewer would recognize, and Bell and Hamm have moments with Yorke’s songs ‘Villain’ and “Colored Candy”, respectively, which the audience will appreciate, but some Easter eggs go unnoticed unless you worked on the film.

For one, the film opens on Mara hailing a taxi on 1st Avenue in the East Village, where the idea for Rag & Bone was born, and Holbrook is seen in Williamsburg in Brooklyn where Marcus Wainwright first sold Rag & Bone. Morano takes photos of her children, one of who is wearing Henry Wainwright’s jacket, Rag & Bone stickers are found at the subway entrance during Stanfield’s scene, and Roberts steals a chain that says “New York Girls”. Also, the time stamps add up to 16 in reference to Rag & Bone’s 16th year in business.

As much as Time of Day is a celebration of Rag & Bone and its superstar friendships and a nod to the unexpected connections we make with strangers at different points in time, the film is very much about the FW18 collection, which easily steals every scene.

Rag & Bone Creative Director/ Exec Producer | Marcus Wainwright
Director/ Cinematographer  | Thimios Bakatakis
Talent | Kate Mara, Boyd Holbrook, Pom Klementieff, Lakeith Stanfield, Reed Morano, Lake Bell, Jon Hamm, Emma Roberts
Producer | Candice Hernstad