rag & bone Fall 2019 Photo Project with Abbey Lee

rag & bone

Fall 2019 Photo Project with Abbey Lee

Rawness and authenticity of New York City’s subcultures emerge from the rag & bone brand’s 2019 Photo Project as the new segment, shot by photographer Quentin de Briey, lenses into the scene Australian beauty Abbey Lee Kershaw. The series has been a progression each month of looks from the current collection displayed by subjects who are believed to capture the diversity and spirit of rag & bone.

Abbey Lee’s enhancement to the project brings to the table a cinematic experience emitted from her work in the movie and film industry. Starting off with a relaxing and dreamlike morning look, we watch Lee take from her home in the comfort of her rag & bone tee, to a corporate-like strut in the streets, to finally stunningly sitting in a burnt orange blazer ready for night life. The now-turned actress makes clear that, despite her new career, her skills learned as a former model are as strong as ever. 

Rag & bone’s personal and intimate way of capturing the looks and styles of their 2019 collection is unique and admirable. Indulging in a year long photo series creates and expands latitude for a more cohesive and connected narrative rather than simply having two large (and separate) campaigns each year. The New York City label is illustrating the very focal point of the brand while exhibiting the diversity and life existing at the brand’s home base. 

rag & bone Creative Director | Marcus Wainwright
Photographer/Director | Quentin de Briey
Videographer | Pablo Tapia-Plá
Model | Abbey Lee
Stylist | Vittoria Cerciello
Hair | Franco Gobbi
Makeup | Emi Kaneko
Location | New York City

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