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rag & bone has a new film premiering at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, entitled Hair that stars Golden Globe-nominated actor John Turturro and two-time Emmy-winner Bobby Cannavale


The film, which was directed by Turturro and shot by Fred Elmes (Blue Velvet, The Night Of, Broken Flowers), is set in a barber shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and features the actors sharing a lighthearted and improvised conversation about the meticulousness of hair styles.

In the film’s trailer, Cannavale explains to Turturro the need for his hair to be properly styled so he can get into character. Turturro finds Cannavale’s stance amusing since both actors are playing as themselves in the film.

“It was fun to find the right location that would complement the rag & bone clothing,” said Turturro. “I scouted several places with Fred Elmes and we felt that this specific classic barber shop was the perfect location. Clothes and hair go together; they’re part of your social identity.”

Hair, like many ‘rag & bone Films’ productions, is a testament to the New York City-based company’s unique marketing approach. CEO, Founder and Creative Director Marcus Wainwright explained that projects like the film create a paradigm shift in the way people view fashion. The venture into filmmaking is not a step away from the lifestyle brand’s ethos either. Wainwright said that film and photography are “engrained in our brand DNA.”

We’re always really excited when we get the opportunity to produce a new project under ‘rag & bone Films.’ Working in film and photography allows us to innovate and challenge ourselves in a creative outlet outside of fashion. We couldn’t be more thrilled that John and Bobby were up for working with us on Hair and we’re honored to be included in the Tribeca Film Festival.

- Marcus Wainwright, rag & bone CEO, Founder and Creative Director

‘Innovate’ is the perfect word to describe rag & bone’s marketing approach. The actors may be dressed in rag & bone pieces in the films, but the styles take a backseat to the overall presentation. The films are immersive worlds, while the wardrobe is set dressing. It does help, however, to get the likes of Turturro, Cannavale and even Michael Pitt to star in your films.

Hair will debut during the Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T on April 21, 2017.



Director | John Turturro
Director of Photography | Fred Elmes
Actors | Bobby Cannavale & John Turturro
Executive Producer | M SS ING Pieces
Executive Production Consultant | Tali Magal
Post Production | Gloss VFX
Editor | Antoine Mills
Costume Design | Marcus Wainwright
Location | Williamsburg, Brooklyn