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rag & bone Spring 2018 Photo Project


Those who march to their own beat have a great sense of self, perspective, and rhythm.

For their Spring 2018 collection the house of rag & bone, under the guidance of CEO/Creative Director Marcus Wainwright, has opted to strut to their own beat via a presentation and a photo project rather than a traditional runway show.

For a while now I (along with what seems to be a lot of people!) have been questioning the effectiveness of the traditional fashion system, particularly for rag & bone. Coupled with everything that’s going on in the World today, it felt somewhat tone deaf to do a runway show or throw a huge event. So while we are huge believers in NYFW, and in many ways have it to thank for so much, we are opting out of being on the calendar this season and instead are doing something that we feel is more relevant, impactful and meaningful.

– Marcus Wainwright, CEO and Creative Director of rag & bone

To accompany the tune, Wainwright has enlisted a dynamic ensemble who captured the collection via self-portraits. Carolyn Murphy, Melanie Ward, Tali Lennox, Georgia Fowler, Maye Musk, Bobby Cannavale, James Goldcrown, Walton Ford, amongst many others each agreed to participate and accept a charitable contribution to be made to his or her favorite charity for their participation. More than 20 charities will receive a donation, including the Lupus Foundation of America, Earth Justice, Open Door Foundation, Oceana, among others. In addition, several individuals directed their contribution to hurricane relief efforts, including The American Red Cross and the Houston Humane Society. The result of which is a body of work both charitable and personable.

Last season we focused on individuality, allowing friends of the brand to style themselves in the new collection. For our spring season we wanted to explore individual perspective as we feel that it is a relevant topic, both for our brand and in the context of all that is happening socially and politically around the world,” said Wainwright.

The Impression applauds the refined ear of the house to the underlying tune of the times and the efforts of the back-up band, each of who knows how to carry a tune in their own right.