rag & bone Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

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“Times Change” Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of rag & bone Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Director Austin Peters with Choreography and Dance by Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu

The new Spring 2021 campaign from rag & bone is a whimsical and incredibly fun quarantine fantasia. The film stars dancers and married couple Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu, captured by director Austin Peters.

“Times Change” is a playful illustration of life and love under a year of lockdown. The day begins like any other: a couple wakes up in their New York apartment, ready for a typical day in their old reality. They brush their teeth, sip their coffee, and as usual, reach for their classic, professional attire. We can see it’s a routine the couple has been in before, but things quickly change.

The couple finds themselves in a Groundhog Day-like cycle of domestic life, measured only by the constant ticking of the metronome. Rather than sink into boredom, the couple dances through it. The amazing choreography captures the frenzy of quarantine isolation and the importance of having a loved one to support us through it. They also manage to workpieces from the collection into the choreography in fun and incredibly smart ways.

rag & bone Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

The world has changed and the way we live and dress has changed and rag & bone has changed. We wanted to make a weird film about the new reality we seem to be living in. Having worked with Buck for so many years, it was awesome to create this little film with him and Ai. I think they perfectly captured everything we were trying to say and more.

— Marcus Wainwright, rag & bone Founder and Chief Brand Officer 

Peters uses impressive cinematography tricks to mimic this sense of energy and that strange feeling of time passing even though nothing is happening. Lights flicker between day and night, clocks whirl, slow and fast motion camera cuts disorient our sense of time. He shoots in 35mm film, which gives the imagery a lush, organic feel.

The campaign is a beautiful way to send a message of solidarity and perseverance in these unprecedented times.

rag & bone always seems to have some impressive cultural connections, and working with Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu is an excellent choice. From both an artist and relationship perspective, it is such a treat to see the unique yet relatable work they have created together. Times will continue to change, and we feel inspired to keep dancing through them.

rag & bone Founder and Chief Brand Officer | Marcus Wainwright
Director | Austin Peters
Choreographers | Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu
Dancers | Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu
Location | NYC