Ralph Lauren 'Every Moment is a Gift' Holiday Campaign

Polo Ralph Lauren

'Every Moment is a Gift' Holiday Campaign

Ralph Lauren has always been an emoting storyteller whose tales have been driven by the aspiration of aristocratic luxury, however, peel back a layer and one will find another thread woven into his tapestry, that of family. For the designer’s Polo Ralph Lauren holiday 2019 campaign that thread comes as a warm holiday blanket in his latest film and short entitled “Every Moment is a Gift.”

Photographed by Tim Hill and James Finnigan (aka Hill & Aubrey) and directed by Steven Brahms the seasonal campaign gives viewers a peek at real-life families, all gathering to celebrate the holidays but more importantly time with each other. Five real families and six models —including model Taylor Hill and her family, actor Matt Dallas with his musician husband Blue Hamilton and their son, model Phillip Bread and his family, and artist Damian Loeb, his model wife Zoya Loeb and their children. We see families getting together around warm candlelit tables caught in authentic holiday moments – on the mountain, dressing up for the holidays and enjoying a winter escape out west.

Ralph Lauren is wise enough to move past the pushing of product and more concerned with reminding us of why we get together in the first place, that these winter holiday moments with family are the real treasure in our lives. Rather than present a one-note version of a family the casting is diverse including same-sex couples, however, Lauren is wise enough to understand that inclusion and diversity is a standard and not the story within itself going on to build a story around love and unity.

Beyond the narrative is the medium to distribute the story. The campaign will run everywhere from print and outdoor to digital and social media campaigns. The house is also using it to focus on Lauren’s ‘Our Next Great Chapter’ strategy, a key pillar for the house to engage younger consumers, and will partner with Snapchat on an Augmented Reality experience through its interactive “World Lens”. In addition to a branded lens where users can try on new eyewear styles, guests are welcomed into the world of Ralph Lauren through a uniquely immersive and personalized holiday setting, encouraging them to unwrap and purchase gifts.

Even with the title of the firm’s pillars, Lauren has woven the art of storytelling. And we here at The Impression like this most recent chapter.

Written by Julia Cooper

Ralph Lauren Creative Director | Ralph Lauren
Photographers | Hill & Aubrey (Tim Hill & James Aubrey Finnigan)
Director | Steven Brahms
Talents | Taylor Hill & Family, Gough Family, Phillip Bread & Myers family, Matt Dallas, Blue Hamilton & Son, Damian, Zoya Loeb & Family, Jegor Venned, Altyn Simpson, Herieth Paul, Jeenu Mahadevan, Chunjie Liu & Zhao Lei
Hair | Vi Sapyyapy
Makeup | Pey Gay
Music | Homecoming by Josh Ritter

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