Lauren Ralph Lauren

Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Lauren Ralph Lauren Fall 2021 Ad Campaign Film with models Lily Aldridge and Joan Smalls

Lauren Ralph Lauren celebrates light, love, and easy living in a new campaign for Fall 2021.

At once sophisticated and casual, dreamy and down-to-earth, the campaign follows joyful moments in the day-to-day life of a couple who seem to be living out their dreams. Simply enjoying each other’s presence and the beauty of their world, they bask in sunlight in the gardens and grounds of their beautiful home (which provides a nice backdrop for the southwestern design influences of the Fall collection). Haters will say that these two women are just really good friends, but the romance contained in the smiles and cuddles is undeniable.

As Ralph Lauren tends to be seen as a bit more on the traditional or conservative side aesthetically, it’s great to see a campaign from the brand that’s centered around queer romance. Without being self-congratulatory or making a big deal out of it, the campaign simply draws us into this couple’s world, which is filled with sunshine, romance, and impeccable style.

The simple narrative also provides a good opportunity to express the versatility and range of the collection. This unprecedented summer is transitioning into an uncertain fall, but whether we end up adventuring out or staying in with the ones we love, Lauren Ralph Lauren is providing the pieces to do it with class, comfort, and confidence.

Models | Lily Aldridge and Joan Smalls

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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