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Rankin explores the predatory nature of the new Aston Martin Vantage


So few life experiences can match the feeling of luxury, power, and speed quite like driving a sports car. Exquisite details, plush materials and a super-powered engine tap into our deepest desires and emotions, as well as our primal instinct.

Like many luxury vehicle providers, Aston Martin has fed the car driver’s id, ego, and superego, and has done so for over 100 years. The UK-based car manufacturer scratches that itch once again with the new Aston Martin Vantage and turned to Rankin to create its campaign.

The London-based photographer, who has taken portraits of the Queen of England, the late David Bowie, Monica Bellucci, supermodel Kate Moss and Daniel Craig, captured the sleek curves and beauty of the Vantage, which is illuminated by its front and rear lights in his studio. A wolf that stands atop the car ready to hunt emphasizes the automobile’s predatory character that could go easily overlooked due to its rich design.

“My ambition is to create film and stills that make the hairs on your neck stand up,’ said Rankin. “It’s about high intensity, maximum impact – imagery that gets your pulse racing with the urgency of the V8 engine at full throttle.

Rankin used drones to shoot the second part of the campaign at the Atlanta Motorsports Park. Are you the hunter or the hunted? Rankin poses this question as two Vantage cars race during the sunset, and with images of prowling animals like wolves, leopards, and sharks and two individuals in pursuit of each other interspersed throughout the video.

“The Vantage becomes a symbol of primal beauty,” Rankin explained. “It is as much a sensual experience as it is an exhilarating one. It’s two drivers exploring the limits, vying for dominance over each other. “It finishes with a tense stand-off, waiting for the next move.”





Director | Rankin
Global Exec Producer | Nicola Kenney

Production Manager | Eleri Evans


1st AD | Daniel Smith
DOP (UK) | Ed Gibbs
DOP (Atlanta) | Tony Miller
Steadicam OP | Simon Wood

2nd Unit Camera Operator | Remi Laudat

Stylist | Kim Howells
Makeup | Marco Antonio
Hair | Nick Irwin
Manicurist | Ami Streets


Cast | Bluebell Wooi & Olivier Geraghty


Post-Production Producer | Andrew Patrick
Editor | Gareth Philips
Grade | Alan Mahon
VFX | Grant McKean

Sound Design & Composition | Felt Music


Production Company | Rankin Film

Agency | Prism