Rankin Helps Mickey Mouse Celebrate 90th Anniversary

Rankin | Helps Mickey Mouse Celebrate 90th Anniversary

Fashion’s own Rankin has brought together some of the world’s biggest names to celebrate the influence of the world’s most famous mouse.

Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and others have joined Rankin’s Mickey Mouse stories for a limited edition anniversary book ‘Mickey Mouse & Me’ celebrating his journey from simple sketch to cultural icon. The book won’t be sold commercially but will be auctioned off with proceeds donated to UK charity Short Lives this spring in addition to the photographs being shown in an exhibition in the fall in New York.

The special edition book, ‘Mickey Mouse & Me’, will include portraits of the cultural icons and families paying tribute to the inspirational impact of the “true original” Mickey Mouse, by posing with a special edition black and white statue of Mickey, who first appeared on screen in Steamboat Willie in 1928. It will also feature images of the world’s biggest TV and film stars, musicians and models wearing the iconic ears and giant white gloves Mickey Mouse is renowned for, plus their stories on the influence of Walt Disney’s most famous creation on their lives.

Looks like Rankin has helped The Mickey Mouse Club recruit some new members while doing a little good for while at it. Now that is the Mickey Mouse spirit that helped him tans cede the steamboat era.

Kate Moss

Photographer and Director Rankin is pleased to have supported the shortly to be released book – “Mickey Mouse & Me” celebrity portraits that celebrates the 90th anniversary of ‘True Original’ Mickey Mouse in aid of the charity – Together for Short Lives.