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Rankin Explores the Senses with New Unisex Perfume, S&X Campaign for Everyone


Sex. The one thing that has the ability to be enjoyed by everyone, “for everyone.” The time where one can feel most liberated and sensual with the person they choose. The time where one can be free to be themselves, with no judgement, or shame. So, it only makes sense for Rankin to come back for another round, for his S&X unisex perfume, by award-winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser, where he tells the story of touching bodies, no matter who they are, because there is always something to share when skin touches skin.

Expressing these stories through three new films by The Full Service, and directed and photographed by Rankin himself, the films include an elderly couple, a lesbian couple, and a gay couple as they engage in intimate and sensual moments with one another. The use of this diverse cast of people propels the idea of a unisex perfume and how it is truly “for everyone.”

The last campaign that was released earlier this year was fearless, wild, and provocative, and this time they bring another attention grabbing chapter where they ultimately focus on universal sexuality.

We at The Impression support the idea of creating something all-inclusive and enjoyable for all. The Full Service shows their fearless abilities to not only push boundaries, but that they are willing to explore places that some may deem out of their comfort zone.



Agency | The Full Service
Photographer / Director | Rankin