Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet & Lolita Jacobs

The creative directors of Re/Done, Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet and Lolita Jacobs  have tagged model Roos Abels for the launch of their Fall 2019 collection. With Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet himself behind the camera as the photographer, the brand has reimagined what a portrait can and should be. Not only is the model seen in front of a gray canvas, both in color and in black and white, her figure is also cropped headless in a number of the shots. The frame itself resembles a mirror, where one in particular is a page out of a notebook. ‘Re/Done’ is seen written over her body in what could be lipstick, or even a crayon. The portrait of Roos Abels is layered and multidimensional. She gets to decide when to be seen, and how much the viewer gets to see. The portraits of Roos Abels giving her middle to the camera says it all. She is not one to mess with. 

Agency | LJBTN Studios
Creative Director | Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet & Lolita Jacobs
Photographer | Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet
Model | Roos Abels
Stylist | Emily Mazur
Hair | Joseph Pujalte
Makeup | Celine Martin
Manicurist | Alexandra Janowski