Re/Done Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

The new old; the reinvigoration of the classics. Re/Done, a luxury denim line focused on repurposing authentic vintage Levi’s, is branding their latest arrivals ‘The New 80’s.’ The brand, which has become more of a movement towards sustainable, luxury fashion, hit the nail on the head with this latest campaign, featuring their repurposed designs through the guise of iconic 80’s motifs.

Trends undeniably come in and out of style, and right now, vintage denim from this stand-out decade of big hair and sappy romance movies is all the rage. Re/Done is using this to their advantage, furthering their efforts of ethical and sustainable fashion through repurposing the denim that everybody wants.

Presenting the latest arrivals in film strips, with the Re/Done logo and words like ‘iconic’ and ‘power suit’ scribbled over the photographs, Creative directors Lolita Jacobs and Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone are tailoring the designs to those aching for the nostalgia of the 80s. Lensed by Alexandre Guirkinger, the collection of images are pleasing in their simplicity, and do a nice job of depicting the revitalized styles. This being said, there still could have been more to go with the shots; a short film showing the behind-the-scenes of the shoot set to classic songs from the decade would have been greatly appreciated to continue the imagination and reminiscing.

But nevertheless, the pictures are a vehicle for the brand to continue their message of sustainable style, with the added benefit of nostalgia and renewed trends. Re/Done has done a fantastic job at pulling this off, creating a fun mix of trendiness and ethical fulfillment. There is so much that can be done through repurposing older pieces, and Re/Done has only just begun tapping into this potential. It’s exciting to see how through recalling designs of the last several decades, this luxury brand is creating a name for themselves and a place in the industry for years to come.

Re/Done Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Re/Done Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Agency | Jacobs+Talbourdet-Napoleone
Creative Directors | Lolita Jacobs & Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone
Photographer | Alexandre Guirkinger
Model | Lina Hoss
Stylist | Sarah de Mavaleix
Hair | Joseph Lujalte
Makeup | Celine Marting
Casting Director | Holly Cullen
Production | White Dot Production