Rick Owens and Champion Launch 2nd Collection

Rick Owens and Champion Step Back Into The Ring Together For Round Two

Following the success of their first capsule collection that debuted at Paris Fashion Week in June 2019, Champion and Rick Owens have announced the official launch of this second collaborative collection dropping on March, 26th 2021.

With an aim to celebrating Champion’s athletic heritage and Rick Owens’ signature contemporary aesthetic, the collection will incorporate sporty elements with cutting-edge design. It has been designed and developed for both men and women, and the design and manufacturing processes have happened with the goal of sustainability in mind.

Using 100% organic cottons and recycled nylons, the collection was produced using predominantly locally sourced materials, whilst all packaging will incorporate plastic free, biodegradable materials and recycled paper.

The collection assets a strong monochromic palette with the addition of some subtle accents for this season. Key iconic products stories such as Sweatshirts, Sweatpants and Tees, coupled with mesh shorts and lightweight outerwear pieces have all been reimagined with the help of Owens’ mind and carefully finished with a unique Champion logo. 

The collection launches today and will be available to purchase online and at selected Champion stores and Rick Owens stores.

Photos | Owenscorp