Roger Vivier

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Roger Vivier presents “Abracashoes” a new film that highlights one of the Maison’s most iconic styles: the Belle Vivier. Imagined by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, “Abracashoes” stars Hollywood actresses, Christina Ricci and Dianna Agron.

“Christina is one of my dream actresses who I really admire,” Felloni says. “She was at our Hotel Vivier event in Los Angeles, plus she also works with Tim Burton who is a director that I like.”

The story begins inside a theater where a magic show is about to begin. Christina is a magician on a mission for finding the perfect shoe.

Creative Director | Gherardo Felloni
Director | Nicolangelo Gelormini
Art Director | Andrea Danese
Photographer | Ilaria D’Atri
Talent | Christina Ricci & Dianna Agron
Stylist | Elisa Nalin

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