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Rosetta Getty, Designer Interview


Rosetta Getty names her parents as her greatest influences. Growing up in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, she was exposed to art and creativity, which in turn sparked her first-ever garment, a pink leotard, which she sewed herself. Now a mother of four, Rosetta continues to draw inspiration from her family as she operates a namesake women’s fashion label.

I started the brand because I really felt there was not a collection out there that moved easily from daytime to evening, while keeping its polish.


The Rosetta Getty fashion line, Rosetta’s third fashion foray that launched in 2014, is designed for the on-the-go woman, just like her. The mission, according to Rosetta, is to provide a versatile wardrobe of collectible items “for women that are just as wearable as they are special.”

Credit | Chuck Grant

“We are all so busy; we are running from school pick-ups to work lunches to charity cocktail events. Nobody has the time to go home and change,” she said. The Spring/Summer 2017 collection channels Robert Morris’ Scattered Piece and other works, and her latest collection is also inspired by art, particularly the modernist movement.

Rosetta said, “I have been thinking a lot about reflection, duality, transparency and reality. So we brought these same concepts to life in our collection.”

Getty joined the fashion industry as a model before launching Rosetta Millington, a luxury children’s line, in 1997 and Riser Goodwyn, a line of cocktail dresses, in 2006. She launched Rosetta Getty to fill a void in the market that she had experienced firsthand. Today, she juggles her family life with designing her fashion collections. We converse about art, culture and design, which inform her process.

“[My family is] so incredibly supportive of me, and full of creativity, which is a source of inspiration for me as well,” she said. “They understand and encourage my process, and always drive me to new ideas and concepts through their point of view.”

Though Rosetta’s current life and career mirrors her youth, living in a creative household and drawing inspiration from her family, she feels that she has evolved a lot since her first-ever garment. “What you produced yesterday becomes a foundation for what you will produce tomorrow, but one is not necessarily constricted by the other,” she said. “It’s important to stretch your sense of self, and your comfort zone, because that is often when the best, most unexpected things happen.”